baby it's cold outside

so it's fall, and i'm prepared/excited/ready for the boot/scarf/legging wearing fall weather...well at least until this morning. i could not get out of bed. why? the air outside of my covers was cold. i did not want to get goose bumps. and i was, of course, super tired (i mean, who isn't on a monday morning?). so i finally got out of bed. 30 minutes after i was supposed to get up, which was awful because then i was super rushed when getting ready for work! but i was sooo comfortable just laying in bed. 

c'est la vie, right?

on with the day. i cannot believe it's halloween already, or in other words the last day in october! yikes, it's november already! i unfortunately did not dress up this year, actually the last time i dressed up was two years ago. halloween is all in good fun, but unfortunately some people take it too far (in example people i went to HS with and see pics on facebook and are dressed way inappropriately). my roommate even said to me yesterday--"alright, get ready to see all the slutty halloween pictures" haha. anyway, here is some pictures from the last time i got into character for halloween (and hair was brown):

 kenny was howie and i was one of the deal or no deal girls

I hope everyone else had a little less trouble waking up than i did this morning and is having a good monday so far :)
thank you, Lord, for another day...

just another lazy sunday

its been a pretty great weekend so far, starting out with bowling on friday night--bowling is always fun!  saturday shalie and i stopped but tjmaxx and caught up with an old roomate with some other friends at panera. and last but not least we had a nice fire last night at kennys. it really it so much fun to just sit and talk around a fire with friends. can't forget to mention that we had s'mores, hot cider, and mexican hot chocolate! here are just a few pictures from this weekend so far:

 meg, pretending to be "abuelita" making mexican hot chocolate!

josh and shalie

/i hope everyone else is having a fantastic weekend :)
i'm off to see a movie so, until tomorrow...


its friday!!

hey everyone first thing, first: make sure you check out erica over at sea of blooming dreams . she is hosting a giveaway because she has 300 followers!! YAY! im way behind on followers but it would be awesome to hit that mark! so here is a confession: i pin at work. it's friday and it has been a busy week, and i just gave into the temptation! here are some of my favorite findings from today:

fun craft for this weekend:

I have a lamp with the same shade...and i was thinking it would look super cool with writing on it!! should i do this over the weekend??

for halloween's sake:

i love carving pumpkins and i think this one is awesome!

i need this serious:

i have always wanted a this color too. i'm saving up!

what to wear:

this outfit has my name all over it! i absolutely love it! perfect for work :)

I hope everyone had a lovely friday, and also has an awesome weekend! do something fall-ish :)


creepy crawly things

title is self explanatory. how appropriate that this happened right before halloween, right?  okay, so here is the story, starting with earlier this week:

on sunday night: a bunch of us were watching a show called "infested" on animal planet. the specific episode were were watching was about 3 different families that had infestations of gardner snakes, hobo spiders, and argentine ants. i don't do spiders and i don't do snakes so i watched in horror as these peoples lives were turned around because of the infesting. gross.

last night: i came home from work and was getting ready to make dinner for kenny. I quickly went into my room to get changed out of my work clothes and after changing started to walk over to my dresser to place my jewelry on top. i just barely glanced at the floor in front of my dresser and boy, im i glad i did. there it was. the biggest spider i have ever seen, just hanging out on the carpet in front of my dresser. i immediately freaked out and called kenny in to take care of it. oh, i was so grossed out. thanks babe, for stomping on a fear of mine. that thing was done for, but i could not get the image out of my head. it was in my room. it looked just like the hobo spider i saw on the tv show. those spiders bite. and they infest. the rest of the evening i continued to think about that spider and could not fall asleep last night because that thing was found in my room. EW. happy halloween to me!

okay. that's the end of my rant. what crawly things are you not okay with? I hope everyone is having a terrific thursday...sans the spiders! :)


mid-week mash


okay, so on my old blog every wednesday i would do the "mid-week mash". it was something i created to make sure there would be at least one day that i would definitely have a post each week. it continued...and now its continuing here on my blogger! the mid-week mash is basically a conglomeration of random things i have done during the week, that haven't made it into a post. or just little random happenings. so, here we go: embrace the mashing!

that thing called "work": i think the fridge at work has it out to get me. yesterday i brought apple cider to work in my starbucks tumbler. i didn't want to drink it yet because i wanted to have some coffee first. well when i went to get my cider out of the fridge, someone has knocked over my tumbler and spilled it. there was only about 1/4 of my drink left. total bummer because i looove apple cider and was really looking forward to drinking it. TODAY i came in and went to fill my coffee mug to start my day off right. i went to take my creamer out of the fridge to add a little flavor and there it was: an out of order sign. i open the fridge and see that it has been cleared out. my creamer, which was pretty much full, had been trashed. see what i'm saying? the fridge has it out for me this week.

new findings: i am a bargain shopper for sure. so, when i stumbled upon this blog a few days ago i was super excited. take a look at copy cat chic. this lovely lady, named reichel, has created a blog that does not offer "fakes" but rather a good deal on simular items form a less expensive source. for example: her latest post (shared from aaron at the thrifty abode ), is a lamp from restoration hardware. the lamp is well over $300 but right underneath, there is an almost identical lamp from overstock for $83! (still not affordable for me, haha, but  i just get so excited about deals like this, and still love to look at them!)

you gotta watch this: confession: I love target's commercials. i love target and their commercials.  i saw this one the other day and wanted to share :)

whelp, that concludes this weeks mash, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


cute as a button

hey guys
....drum roll please...

please grab my little button listed over there on the right~>

help me get out there! 
all of you have been great so far, making me feel welcome!


abc's of me

Alrighty bloggers...since I've recently converted back over to blogger, it's time to get reacquainted!

A. age: 23 BUT  24 in two weeks—yiikes!!
B. bed size: full.
C. chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom…how many more yrs until they come up with a way that it will clean itself??
D. dogs: my parents have a dog at home, Lizzy. she a pure bread black lab and has been in my life for over 10 yrs. Sadly she is not so healthy anymore :[ (tear) she is amazing. i want to adopt a yorkie, asap!!
E. essential start to your day: well, i’m technically not an early riser, but getting up at least an hour and a half before work, taking a shower and getting a cup of coffee is good enough for me :) 
F. favorite Color: green for sure
G. gold or silver: silver..unless its white gold. does white gold count? 
H. height: 5’8. yea…im tall. thanks dad, for that gene. 
I. instruments you play: piano. i wish i never stopped taking lessons, but i have 5 yrs under my belt.
J. job Title: i am currently an admissions consultant for Liberty University and babysit my little friend jack on the side
K. kids: haha definitely not. in the furture-yes
L. live: currently living in Lynchburg, VA. i would not turn down moving somewhere else though!
M. mother’s Name: suanne or “sue”.
N. nicknames: well…kenny is really the only one who call me a nick name, which would be “e”. otherwise my sister calls me “er” and in highschool it was “murph”
O. overnight hospital stays: just when i was born.
P. pet peeves: when parents do everything for their kids even as they get older, there is a line that should be drawn-how will they learn to be responsible? 
Q. quote from a movie: ”…you know why!!” -what happens in vegas
R. right or left-handed: righty.
S. siblings: one sister, two brothers 
T. time you wake up: depending on the week, but i always try to be up by 9 even when i’m not working.
U. underwear: yes i wear underwear...?
V. vegetable you hate: mushrooms…and a few others that i’ve never acquired a taste for. [onions]
X. x-rays: iv’e had none.
Y. yummy food: i love food…which can be a bad thing.
Z. zoo animal: i can’t pick one. i loooooooooove going to the zoo!

I hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday :) i unfortunately thought that it was wednesday when i woke up this morning...whoops! [i guess im a little ahead of myself this week!] enjoy your day :)


like coffee?

monday is the only day of the week when i might feel like i "need" coffee

on my old blog i wrote about coffee, so this is mostly taken from there . i’m not necessarily addicted or “lost” when i don’t have it, but i usually have about one cup a day not only for the energy boost in the morning but also because i love the taste :]

i researched my love for coffee with good ol’ google and was directed to a ton of sites that offered legit information as well as people’s personal opinions. as per WebMD :

  • less likely to have type 2 diabetes, parkinson’s disease, and dementia
  • have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes
  • antioxidants!
  • both regular and decaffeinated coffee contain acids that can make heartburn worse.
  • caffeine can raise blood pressure, as well as blood levels of the fight-or-flight chemical epinephrine (also called adrenaline)
so there are a lot more pros and cons that coincide with coffee but here’s the bottom line. coffee is not bad for you. drinking one [12oz] cup of coffee a day will do no harm but if you over do it, some of those cons may start creeping up on you! (heartburn? no thanks.)
don’t like drinking coffee black? if using creamer, stick to the regular stuff. don’t go for the fat free stuff because, like diet soda products, there are actually more chemicals used to make the creamer to keep it “skinny” that could be more harmful to your body. if you still want to stay away from regular creamer, just simply use non-fat (or less fat) milk. looking for sweetness? onepack of a splenda type product will do the trick :]
i hope this info was just as helpful to you as it was to me!


today...shalie and i went to peddlers antiques in bedford. there was one room there that caught both of our attention. here are some pictures:

seriously. how cute is the stuff in this room? I know its hard to see everything but i only had a pocket camera :( nooot the best quality. i wish everyone could go here. there were 4 super cute white [distressed] framed  pictures of pressed leaves and flowers that i really really really wanted to buy and hang up above my bed. but they were $16 each. waah. a little too much above my price range, but very tempting! 

i hope everyone else is having a super duper saturday-there is awesome fall weather happening here in looooving it!


dare i...

dare i carve another pumpkin this weekend??

i seriously loooove this fall activity! now, i can't wait to go apple picking on sunday!!

have a wonderful friday night, folks :)


couponing? not quite.

ever find a website and just love the style of clothing that is on it? too. the next task at hand is to find similar ones so you can scout a good deal! i’m no extreme coupon-er, but i never buy anything at full price (unless it is food or another necessity that must be bought when i have no way to discount it at the moment). anyway- i have learned to shop around…at the extreme. so this is an example of a website that i love:
ModCloth. it has super cute stuff whether its dresses, tops or random trinkets for your house :)

as for finding websites that are similar I use this handy dandy little site: 

  • Similar Sites
    this site allows you to enter a topic or website url and it will match it up with other sites that are closely related-it works great! yes…this means you can find all of the online clearance racks in a much simpler way! its perfect for me.

i’m done blabbering about shopping now…


i have so many things to share with you! i think i may split it up between different posts. this last weekend shalie’s parents came into town and we did some fall things and tried new things :) here is what we did saturday morning:
saturday morning we ventured over to the ploughcroft tea room in downtown lynchburg. we enjoyed typhoo tea and an early lunch. it was really yummy! the owner is british and it was really neat to take a step into british culture for a “tea time”. here are some pictures from the day:
                                     shalie, me and shalie’s mom, lisa, infront of the tea room
shalie and i…sippy sip.
our tea pot with the typhoo tea waiting to be poured into our pretty tea cups! 
i’ll add more pictures soon :)
i hope everyone is having a great friday, it's almost time for the weekend again!

moving over from tumblr

hey guys :)

iv always had a blogspot account but never continued to blog on it. i would sporadically post from year to year in increments but never continue--this has gone on for 5 years!!! yikes, right? well in the last 9 months i have been blogging over on tumblr and just recently decided to make to move over here. ill convert some of my posts, and definitely my ideas :)

i guess its time to welcome myself back to blogspot, eh??

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