abc's of me

Alrighty bloggers...since I've recently converted back over to blogger, it's time to get reacquainted!

A. age: 23 BUT  24 in two weeks—yiikes!!
B. bed size: full.
C. chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom…how many more yrs until they come up with a way that it will clean itself??
D. dogs: my parents have a dog at home, Lizzy. she a pure bread black lab and has been in my life for over 10 yrs. Sadly she is not so healthy anymore :[ (tear) she is amazing. i want to adopt a yorkie, asap!!
E. essential start to your day: well, i’m technically not an early riser, but getting up at least an hour and a half before work, taking a shower and getting a cup of coffee is good enough for me :) 
F. favorite Color: green for sure
G. gold or silver: silver..unless its white gold. does white gold count? 
H. height: 5’8. yea…im tall. thanks dad, for that gene. 
I. instruments you play: piano. i wish i never stopped taking lessons, but i have 5 yrs under my belt.
J. job Title: i am currently an admissions consultant for Liberty University and babysit my little friend jack on the side
K. kids: haha definitely not. in the furture-yes
L. live: currently living in Lynchburg, VA. i would not turn down moving somewhere else though!
M. mother’s Name: suanne or “sue”.
N. nicknames: well…kenny is really the only one who call me a nick name, which would be “e”. otherwise my sister calls me “er” and in highschool it was “murph”
O. overnight hospital stays: just when i was born.
P. pet peeves: when parents do everything for their kids even as they get older, there is a line that should be drawn-how will they learn to be responsible? 
Q. quote from a movie: ”…you know why!!” -what happens in vegas
R. right or left-handed: righty.
S. siblings: one sister, two brothers 
T. time you wake up: depending on the week, but i always try to be up by 9 even when i’m not working.
U. underwear: yes i wear underwear...?
V. vegetable you hate: mushrooms…and a few others that i’ve never acquired a taste for. [onions]
X. x-rays: iv’e had none.
Y. yummy food: i love food…which can be a bad thing.
Z. zoo animal: i can’t pick one. i loooooooooove going to the zoo!

I hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday :) i unfortunately thought that it was wednesday when i woke up this morning...whoops! [i guess im a little ahead of myself this week!] enjoy your day :)


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  1. Cute list! I am soooooo not an early riser... I prefer NOT to get up before 8, but since I have small kiddos I won't complain if it is after 7 am :)


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