baby it's cold outside

so it's fall, and i'm prepared/excited/ready for the boot/scarf/legging wearing fall weather...well at least until this morning. i could not get out of bed. why? the air outside of my covers was cold. i did not want to get goose bumps. and i was, of course, super tired (i mean, who isn't on a monday morning?). so i finally got out of bed. 30 minutes after i was supposed to get up, which was awful because then i was super rushed when getting ready for work! but i was sooo comfortable just laying in bed. 

c'est la vie, right?

on with the day. i cannot believe it's halloween already, or in other words the last day in october! yikes, it's november already! i unfortunately did not dress up this year, actually the last time i dressed up was two years ago. halloween is all in good fun, but unfortunately some people take it too far (in example people i went to HS with and see pics on facebook and are dressed way inappropriately). my roommate even said to me yesterday--"alright, get ready to see all the slutty halloween pictures" haha. anyway, here is some pictures from the last time i got into character for halloween (and hair was brown):

 kenny was howie and i was one of the deal or no deal girls

I hope everyone else had a little less trouble waking up than i did this morning and is having a good monday so far :)
thank you, Lord, for another day...


  1. oh man snow in october that is definitely crazy! i love your outfits from two years ago super cute!

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