couponing? not quite.

ever find a website and just love the style of clothing that is on it? too. the next task at hand is to find similar ones so you can scout a good deal! i’m no extreme coupon-er, but i never buy anything at full price (unless it is food or another necessity that must be bought when i have no way to discount it at the moment). anyway- i have learned to shop around…at the extreme. so this is an example of a website that i love:
ModCloth. it has super cute stuff whether its dresses, tops or random trinkets for your house :)

as for finding websites that are similar I use this handy dandy little site: 

  • Similar Sites
    this site allows you to enter a topic or website url and it will match it up with other sites that are closely related-it works great! yes…this means you can find all of the online clearance racks in a much simpler way! its perfect for me.

i’m done blabbering about shopping now…

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