creepy crawly things

title is self explanatory. how appropriate that this happened right before halloween, right?  okay, so here is the story, starting with earlier this week:

on sunday night: a bunch of us were watching a show called "infested" on animal planet. the specific episode were were watching was about 3 different families that had infestations of gardner snakes, hobo spiders, and argentine ants. i don't do spiders and i don't do snakes so i watched in horror as these peoples lives were turned around because of the infesting. gross.

last night: i came home from work and was getting ready to make dinner for kenny. I quickly went into my room to get changed out of my work clothes and after changing started to walk over to my dresser to place my jewelry on top. i just barely glanced at the floor in front of my dresser and boy, im i glad i did. there it was. the biggest spider i have ever seen, just hanging out on the carpet in front of my dresser. i immediately freaked out and called kenny in to take care of it. oh, i was so grossed out. thanks babe, for stomping on a fear of mine. that thing was done for, but i could not get the image out of my head. it was in my room. it looked just like the hobo spider i saw on the tv show. those spiders bite. and they infest. the rest of the evening i continued to think about that spider and could not fall asleep last night because that thing was found in my room. EW. happy halloween to me!

okay. that's the end of my rant. what crawly things are you not okay with? I hope everyone is having a terrific thursday...sans the spiders! :)



  1. OMG I hate spiders! I scream like a 5 year old if I see one. Your post gave me the shivers haha!

    Happy Thursday! And I think I'm losing my mind, I can't remember if I told you or not but I added your button to my blog as well. Thanks!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  2. @Holly yes i saw your add :) thanks! I send a request to follow you on twitter!--welcome to tweeting!

  3. ohhhh friend I am sooooo with you. I grew up in the middle of no where and in jr. high I refused to sleep in my bed for like 2 weeks b/c I saw a spider in it and it crawled away before I could kill it.


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