i have so many things to share with you! i think i may split it up between different posts. this last weekend shalie’s parents came into town and we did some fall things and tried new things :) here is what we did saturday morning:
saturday morning we ventured over to the ploughcroft tea room in downtown lynchburg. we enjoyed typhoo tea and an early lunch. it was really yummy! the owner is british and it was really neat to take a step into british culture for a “tea time”. here are some pictures from the day:
                                     shalie, me and shalie’s mom, lisa, infront of the tea room
shalie and i…sippy sip.
our tea pot with the typhoo tea waiting to be poured into our pretty tea cups! 
i’ll add more pictures soon :)
i hope everyone is having a great friday, it's almost time for the weekend again!

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  1. ok i love that scarf you are wearing it is pretty much amazing and it goes so well with that sweater. thanks for stopping by blog, so glad to have "met" you, now i'm following you back :-)


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