its friday!!

hey everyone first thing, first: make sure you check out erica over at sea of blooming dreams . she is hosting a giveaway because she has 300 followers!! YAY! im way behind on followers but it would be awesome to hit that mark! so here is a confession: i pin at work. it's friday and it has been a busy week, and i just gave into the temptation! here are some of my favorite findings from today:

fun craft for this weekend:

I have a lamp with the same shade...and i was thinking it would look super cool with writing on it!! should i do this over the weekend??

for halloween's sake:

i love carving pumpkins and i think this one is awesome!

i need this serious:

i have always wanted a this color too. i'm saving up!

what to wear:

this outfit has my name all over it! i absolutely love it! perfect for work :)

I hope everyone had a lovely friday, and also has an awesome weekend! do something fall-ish :)



  1. Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm now a follower of yours too. I love that outfit and I'm a pintrest addict too. Nice to meet you. :) Your blog is so cute!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  2. That looks like the perfect work outfit! Thanks for the support girl :)

    xo erica


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