mid-week mash


okay, so on my old blog every wednesday i would do the "mid-week mash". it was something i created to make sure there would be at least one day that i would definitely have a post each week. it continued...and now its continuing here on my blogger! the mid-week mash is basically a conglomeration of random things i have done during the week, that haven't made it into a post. or just little random happenings. so, here we go: embrace the mashing!

that thing called "work": i think the fridge at work has it out to get me. yesterday i brought apple cider to work in my starbucks tumbler. i didn't want to drink it yet because i wanted to have some coffee first. well when i went to get my cider out of the fridge, someone has knocked over my tumbler and spilled it. there was only about 1/4 of my drink left. total bummer because i looove apple cider and was really looking forward to drinking it. TODAY i came in and went to fill my coffee mug to start my day off right. i went to take my creamer out of the fridge to add a little flavor and there it was: an out of order sign. i open the fridge and see that it has been cleared out. my creamer, which was pretty much full, had been trashed. see what i'm saying? the fridge has it out for me this week.

new findings: i am a bargain shopper for sure. so, when i stumbled upon this blog a few days ago i was super excited. take a look at copy cat chic. this lovely lady, named reichel, has created a blog that does not offer "fakes" but rather a good deal on simular items form a less expensive source. for example: her latest post (shared from aaron at the thrifty abode ), is a lamp from restoration hardware. the lamp is well over $300 but right underneath, there is an almost identical lamp from overstock for $83! (still not affordable for me, haha, but  i just get so excited about deals like this, and still love to look at them!)

you gotta watch this: confession: I love target's commercials. i love target and their commercials.  i saw this one the other day and wanted to share :)

whelp, that concludes this weeks mash, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!



  1. hi erin i've tried clicking your blog directly through your comment but that doesn't work unfortunately and i can't reply back to the sweet comments you leave. i am so glad you are follower thank you for letting me know so i can personally welcome you. yes definitely lets button swap im grabbing yours now :-)

  2. @Meg {henninglove} awesome! ill have to look into why that isn't working--still getting the hang of blogger over here :)


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