moving over from tumblr

hey guys :)

iv always had a blogspot account but never continued to blog on it. i would sporadically post from year to year in increments but never continue--this has gone on for 5 years!!! yikes, right? well in the last 9 months i have been blogging over on tumblr and just recently decided to make to move over here. ill convert some of my posts, and definitely my ideas :)

i guess its time to welcome myself back to blogspot, eh??


  1. good decision. :)
    blogging is so much fun! you'll love it!

  2. yes, i was thinking so. also, blogger seems to be more popular :) have any specific blogs that you favorite and are worth mentioning?

  3. Welcome!! And thanks for following me! :) Blogging is so addicting!! For example... I should be getting some homework done right now, but... i'm blogging instead. :)



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