today...shalie and i went to peddlers antiques in bedford. there was one room there that caught both of our attention. here are some pictures:

seriously. how cute is the stuff in this room? I know its hard to see everything but i only had a pocket camera :( nooot the best quality. i wish everyone could go here. there were 4 super cute white [distressed] framed  pictures of pressed leaves and flowers that i really really really wanted to buy and hang up above my bed. but they were $16 each. waah. a little too much above my price range, but very tempting! 

i hope everyone else is having a super duper saturday-there is awesome fall weather happening here in looooving it!



  1. I haven't been to an antique shop since I visited my sister in D.C. The stuff in stores is usually too expensive for me as well. I love that stained glass window in the background.

    xo erica

  2. oh my word. that looks like a lovely little shop! I'm going antiquing this weekend...I hope I'll find some treasures!


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