forget me not.

as i pack to go home for yet another weekend in new jersey (2 in a row! sickness yet?) i'm just listening to one of my favorites...the lyrics are simple, it is short, sweet and perfect.
"forget me not"-the civil wars

I've been awaiting for you
And you've been awaiting for me
Tell me that you'll always be true
And you'll be the only one for me
Forget me not my dear, my darling
Forget me not my love
I just wanna hold your hand
Hang on every word you say
Let's write a song for us
And sing until we're old and grey
Forget me not my dear, my darling
Forget me not my love
I'm coming home real soon
Please leave a light on for me
Tell me that you'll always be true
And you'll be the only one for me
Yes, you'll be the only one for me 

i hope everyone had a wonderful wednesday :)

gettin crafty up in here

my mom=crafty. 
me=not so crafty. 
my roommate=crafty!! [whew, i'm still exposed to a crafty bone.]
so what did we do tonight? upon shalie's wonderful idea, found from a DIY on another young lady's blog, we got crafty. find this craft on shalie's pin board or over at the cheese theif.

 the finished products:

so, basically what we did was take nail polish (the thicker the better!) and dripped it into a glass about half full of water. we learned that you need to move quickly because the polish actually dries very quickly on top of the water! to make more of a design in the dripped nail polish we drug a tooth pick through it. next we dipped the glass ornaments into the top of the glass and the nail polish just stuck right to it! super cool :) the cheese thief also has videos posted on her tutorial and some other awesome ideas, so make sure you check her out!

until next time...

what's up monday

monday is almost over! i'm half joking here. if i'm completely honest, today was super slow. starting with a slow would think that sleeping 8 hours last night would leave me well rested? think again! this body of mine was just wanting more sleep. well in the midst of a slow day i of course picked out a new recipe to try. enter in: penne with roasted asparagus and balsamic butter.
my end opinion: it was okay, and a different taste. i'm glad i tried it, but not sure if i would make it again. it was a simple recipe, all you needed was the following:
-1 pound asparagus
-1 tablespoon olive oil
-2 tablespoons salt
-1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
-1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
-1/2 teaspoon brown sugar
-1 pound penne
-1 stick of butter
-1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese, plus extra for topping later.

yes, there is a full stick of butter in there. yes, there is a whole pound of penne-this recipe made so much!  i'm also glad kenny liked it-i sent him home with left overs for lunch! here is a nice little picture of all my ingredients lined up and ready to be used...

if you would like the rest of the recipe directions please click here!

while i was busy in the kitchen, shalie was busy putting up some christmas decorations :) i'm so glad that she has some because i have NONE! [whoops] i definitely wanted to give a sneak peak of the decor though!

snowflakes for the curtains  and a sweet little christmas tree for the corner of our living room (please excuse the bomb.). i'm excited for more christmas decorating and more christmas activities to come!

until next time...

im {blank} because...

i am weird because...
i hum, whistle or sing constantly
both of my shoulders are double jointed & i can lick my elbows
i loove peanut butter everything!

i am a bad friend because...
i am soooo bad at keeping in touch with friends who live far away
im not always good at returning phone calls/texts/messages right away

i am a good friend because...
i am patient and a good listener
i would stop what i'm doing to go meet a friend if they needed me.

i am sad because...
i didn't take many pictures at thanksgiving!
a lot of my family lives far away from me (well...all of them do.)

i am happy because...
kenny and i are going to my house this weekend AND going to NYC :)
it's a new week and i had an AWESOME vacation weekend
i have great health and i am surrounded by love!

i am excited for...
everything christmas!
going to NYC over the weekend
(kenny and i at the top of the empire state building, last time we went to NYC)

it's almost time to embrace monday!!

just because.

just because i spent the day shopping and watching movies with my sister.
here's to being home with family.
and because my smile is for some reason crooked?? hmm...

i'll hopefully be back laater :)

-e- to my family!

hey all :) i'm not able to write a full post today because i will be leaving immediately from work to travel home! im getting anxious to leave already and its only 11:30! at 4:45 i will be on my way from VA to NJ. now this is normally a 5 1/2 hour trip, but considering it is the day before thanksgiving, i am pretty much guaranteed a lot of traffic. this means my trip will be much longer than usual :( thats okay though, i am super thankful to even have the opportunity to have vacation time from work and be able to travel home to be with my family.
i'll be back friday, i hope everyone has a blessed thanksgiving with their families or whomever the get to spend it with :)  until next time...


we all do it.

so, yes, i have been on pinterest all day. mostly because its close to vacation time away from work, so i have already decided that im over trying to work this week. eehh...bad attitude, i know. ANYWAY. i came across this sweet little blog called "the things we all do". check it here: the things we all do. 

so great! have a wonderful evening!

LAST night

so today, monday, was super boring. haha, not much going on over here so i will be sharing about last nights activities (or lack there of). last night we had a little fire in front of kenny's house and out of boredom, the boys started hanging their eno's...from the porch nonetheless (enos are hammocks made out of parachute: super cool). check it:

yes, there were not one, not two, but three enos hung across the front of the porch! oh, so much fun! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great monday to start off the week :) i'm just hanging out at my house tonight, eating mac and cheese out of a mug. yes a mug, because all of our bowls are dirty. haha!

until next time...


saturday trick

here is a fun saturday trick:

  1. go to
  2. type in the words "do a barrel roll"
  3. hit enter.

enjoy :)

to read an article that goes along with this, click here.


birthday festivities

i just wanted to share some pictures from my birthday, i don't have too many yet because a lot of them were taken from the awesome cameras that my friends own! good thing my finally buying a nice one with birthday money!! 
here is the cake that shalie made for me. red velvet cheesecake. made from scratch 


kenny bought me the jacket that i have had my eyes on for a loong time.
perfect gift...sorry for the poor quality pictures.
here are all of my gifts so far: flowers from kenny and my parents, j.crew gift cards from cierra and meg, cards and giftcards from kennys family, a card from amy and a sweater from shalie.

i am so blessed and thankful for my friends and family. it was such a great birthday :)
hooraay for 24!!


Ode to 23

so i wanted to dedicate a post to my year as a 23-year-old. kenny has already been calling me old the last two weeks and will probably continue to do so for another 2 weeks...until he forgets. yea, i'm six months older and this is the time of year he reminds me about it! it is now november 17th, midnight exactly. my 24th birthday! some highlights of my 23rd year are:

finishing my bachelors degree and finally graduating! (it took 5 years, but they say that's normal these days)

one of my best friends, kelsey, having her first baby :) how cute is this family?

one of my best friends, amy, moving home after graduation :( we were roomies for a little more than 3 years and i loved every minute of it! 

moving in with shalie. shalie has definitely earned the awesome roommate award. why? she is currently working on a birthday cake for me that takes not just a few hours...but 2 DAYS to complete. whoa. see? awesome.

and celebrating 2 years years kenny. i surprised him with this picture :)

 and this is after hiking sharp top over the summer.

it really has been a great year! so im closing with one last picture taken of me as 23. 

i'm ready for a new chapter of my life, my 24th chapter. and i thank God for the 23 years that he has blessed me with so far.


changing things around

YES. i'm changing some things around. i'm not too sure about this look yet, what do you think? i don't want to be too flashy and would like to keep things on the simple side. i'll be back soon!


loong day.

so today i will be short and sweet because i had a long day.
i'm pretty wiped out so i have little energy left (it is almost midnight here on the east coast).
long story short i woke up super early this morning for volunteering at a halfway house and when i got there at 7am (!!) no one answered the door. okay...that's cool. then today at work i spoke to only unhappy students on the phone so that continued to dampen my mood. yiikes. life goes on though, right? 
in other news: my birthday is thursday, i only have 2 days left of work this week 
aannd i have some super awesome plans for my 3 day weekend :)
i hope everyone had a terrific tuesday!
p.s. of course this guy was there to make me smile today :)

what to know...

sorry for being so absent over the weekend! i'll share my weekend activities in a later post...

i read an article at Relevant Magazine online over the weekend and wanted to share it today because i though it was a really good read! so here it is:

"When you’re 25-ish, you’re old enough to know what kind of music you love, regardless of what your last boyfriend or roommate always used to play. You know how to walk in heels, how to tie a necktie, how to give a good toast at a wedding and how to make something for dinner. You don’t have to think much about skin care, home ownership or your retirement plan. Your life can look a lot of different ways when you’re 25: single, dating, engaged, married. You are working in dream jobs, pay-the-bills jobs and downright horrible jobs. You are young enough to believe that anything is possible, and you are old enough to make that belief a reality.  
Now is the time to figure out what kind of work you love to do. What are you good at? What makes you feel alive? What do you dream about? You can go back to school now, switch directions entirely. You can work for almost nothing, or live in another country, or volunteer long hours for something that moves you. There will be a time when finances and schedules make this a little trickier, so do it now. Try it, apply for it, get up and do it.When I was 25, I was in my third job in as many years—all in the same area at a church, but the responsibilities were different each time. I was frustrated at the end of the third year because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do next. I didn’t feel like I’d found my place yet. I met with my boss, who was in his 50s. I told him how anxious I was about finding the one perfect job for me, and quick. He asked me how old I was, and when I told him I was 25, he told me that I couldn’t complain to him about finding the right job until I was 32. In his opinion, it takes about 10 years after college to find the right fit, and anyone who finds it earlier than that is just plain lucky. So use every bit of your 10 years: try things, take classes, start over. 
Now is also the time to get serious about relationships. And “serious” might mean walking away from the ones that don’t give you everything you need. Some of the most life-shaping decisions you make in this season will be about walking away from good-enough, in search of can’t-live-without. One of the only truly devastating mistakes you can make in this season is staying with the wrong person even though you know he or she is the wrong person. It’s not fair to that person, and it’s not fair to you.CounselingTwenty-five is also a great time to start counseling, if you haven’t already, and it might be a good round two of counseling if it’s been a while. You might have just enough space from your parents to start digging around your childhood a little bit. Unravel the knots that keep you from living a healthy whole life, and do it now, before any more time passes. 
Twenty-five is the perfect time to get involved in a church you love, no matter how different it is from the one you were a part of growing up. Be patient and prayerful, and decide that you’re going to be a person who grows, who seeks your own faith, who lives with intention. Set your alarm on Sunday mornings, no matter how late you were out on Saturday night. It will be dreadful at first, and then after a few weeks, you’ll find that you like it, that the pattern of it fills up something inside you. 

Don't get stuck 
This is the thing: when you start to hit 28 or 30, everything starts to divide, and you can see very clearly two kinds of people: on one side, people who have used their 20s to learn and grow, to find God and themselves and their deep dreams, people who know what works and what doesn’t, who have pushed through to become real live adults. And then there’s the other kind, who are hanging onto college, or high school even, with all their might. They’ve stayed in jobs they hate, because they’re too scared to get another one. They’ve stayed with men or women who are good but not great, because they don’t want to be lonely. They mean to find a church, they mean to develop honest, intimate friendships, they mean to stop drinking like life is one big frat party. But they don’t do those things, so they live in kind of an extended adolescence, no closer to adulthood than they were when they graduated college. 
Don’t be like that. Don’t get stuck. Move, travel, take a class, take a risk. Walk away, try something new. There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming. Don’t lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the corporate ladder either. Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee or climb in bed with your journal. Ask yourself some good questions like: “Am I proud of the life I’m living? What have I tried this month? What have I learned about God this year? What parts of my childhood faith am I leaving behind, and what parts am I choosing to keep with me for this leg of the journey? Do the people I’m spending time with give me life, or make me feel small? Is there any brokenness in my life that’s keeping me from moving forward?”  
Now is your time. Become, believe, try. Walk closely with people you love, and with other people who believe that God is very good and life is a grand adventure. Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like less than you are. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep traveling honestly along life’s path. 
Taken from Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist Copyright © 2010. Used by permission of Zondervan."

so let me know what you think: good advice? at least for me i thought it was good advice...this stage in my life is very "in-between". i'm not married,  im not tied down anywhere to live, im working on my masters degree, i  had a hard time finding a church because there are so many to choose from here (no joke, im in the bible belt) but thankfully i have found one that is awesome! i love the last paragraph of the article-the call to action! i usually try to keep my posts short on the writing side, but considering a lot of my readers/people i follow are in their 20's i wanted to share.

have a good monday everyone-we'll talk again soon!



these dates happen. not going to lie, i think its pretty cool. especially when 11:11am/pm hits. 11's across the board!!

in other news, i saw this video posted by a friend on facebook and wanted to share. i love Adele and though this was a pretty good cover:

pretty good, eh? so what is everyone doing this weekend? my roommate, shalie, is expecting her sister and brother-in-law to come in town this afternoon so we will have guests all weekend. her family is super nice so i don't mind when they visit! also, kenny normally does broadcasting for liberty university football on saturdays but tomorrow is a by-week! so he has the day off, yay! 

here is something that made me smile this wonderful friday morning:
haha...this happens to me all the time, usually just because i am a sloppy typer and i misspell something :)

its friday everyone :) make your day a fantastic one!!
so something fun at 11/11/11, 11:11pm.
some people make a wish...


calling all j.crew lovers!

so, i always tended to steer clear of j.crew and other {super} expensive clothing store. when i say steer clear i mean totally avoid without even looking. well, this changed when i moved to lynchburg, virginia. i moved here back in 2006 to start my undergraduate degree at good old liberty university. freshman year i had no money to spend on clothing. continuing into my sophomore year, on a pretty boring sunday afternoon a friend suggested that we find the rumored j.crew store in town. i figured "hey, why not. there's nothing else to do." off we went, with much success! over the sequence of events i learned that the very city i love in, is a j.crew headquarters. there are TWO clearance stores in town. clearance stores are different than factory stores :) I'm talking $10 for tops, $20 for non-jean pants, $30 for sweaters and jeans...etc. 

Here is the one of the stores:
and here is the other, which is actually located at one of their warehouses in town.
in the warehouse, 2-3 times a season they have a sample sale (see picture below)

there are soooo many boxes to go through at the sample sale and the prices are even cheaper than the clearance stores! if you love j.crew, definitely look to see if there is a clearance store near you! 

good news: tomorrow is friday!! 
have a great day :)

whats on the tube?

so, there are plenty of tv shows to choose from these days. today im just going to do a little review about a t.v. show that i look forward to watching each week. im so glad that i tuned in when "Parenthood" premiered on NBC. i love this show, if you haven't seen it find out a way to catch up, its only on the second season!  basically its about a family going through different life situations. Parenthood travels through the struggles of teenagers, a child with Asbergers Syndrome, love and the concept of being there for your family members when they need you most.

so why am i doing a tv review? because tonight after work i am just lounging and watching some t.v.

yes, hoodie/sweatpants/blanket included.

doe's anyone else watch Parenthood? 
today was wednesday, which means we are halfway through the week. time to make plans for the weekend!!


busy bee

so it's been a busy week around these parts. i was switched around at work today and work has also been busy anyway. i went from work to get my hair highlighted today and at 8:30pm i am finally home and what should i make for dinner? a frozen pizza will do it. it's not delivery, its digiorno. yea, i just said that. haha :) so, since my time has been limited i just took a few quick pics when i got home of what i wore today.
skirt:j.crew/shirt: j.crew/shoes: blowfish/watch: fossil (thanks to kenny :] )

so...the photo uploader isn't working for me. not sure whats going on here... i guess one picture will suffice? sorry for the total fail today! i hope everyone had a wonderful tuesday :) even though mine was busy, i still had a wonderful day!


sad day

today was a super sad day for me.
my sister text me in the morning telling me that my parents were putting our black lab, lizzy, down.
she had been in pretty bad shape over the last couple months and the last time i was home it almost seemed as though she may be getting better. she was 13 yrs old and just wasn't strong enough to make it any further. i'll miss her greeting me when i come home...i could go on and on about how much of an awesome dog she was but i think these pictures describe her enough...

i'll miss you lizzy, and i'm sad that i wasn't able to say goodbye :(
**sorry for all the sadness today...



meet kate.[katie].[katelyn].
this is my my younger sister by two and a half years.
we grew up sharing a room [probably] constantly bickering and fighting.
today she is definitely one of my best friends whom i love and miss very much [living 6 hrs away].

our younger years:

over the last couple years:

this is kate and sam. they have been dating for...a really long time :) next comes marriage, right?

have a super saturday! we are having fantastic fall weather here in virginia, i hope your having the same!


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