birthday festivities

i just wanted to share some pictures from my birthday, i don't have too many yet because a lot of them were taken from the awesome cameras that my friends own! good thing my finally buying a nice one with birthday money!! 
here is the cake that shalie made for me. red velvet cheesecake. made from scratch 


kenny bought me the jacket that i have had my eyes on for a loong time.
perfect gift...sorry for the poor quality pictures.
here are all of my gifts so far: flowers from kenny and my parents, j.crew gift cards from cierra and meg, cards and giftcards from kennys family, a card from amy and a sweater from shalie.

i am so blessed and thankful for my friends and family. it was such a great birthday :)
hooraay for 24!!



  1. The cake looks amazing, happy birthday!

    Laura xo

  2. that cake looks amazing!! and i love that jacket on you so cute. happy birthday beautiful girl!


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