busy bee

so it's been a busy week around these parts. i was switched around at work today and work has also been busy anyway. i went from work to get my hair highlighted today and at 8:30pm i am finally home and what should i make for dinner? a frozen pizza will do it. it's not delivery, its digiorno. yea, i just said that. haha :) so, since my time has been limited i just took a few quick pics when i got home of what i wore today.
skirt:j.crew/shirt: j.crew/shoes: blowfish/watch: fossil (thanks to kenny :] )

so...the photo uploader isn't working for me. not sure whats going on here... i guess one picture will suffice? sorry for the total fail today! i hope everyone had a wonderful tuesday :) even though mine was busy, i still had a wonderful day!



  1. but i'm sure you love being busy. do you? :) you're very pretty, so don't stress yourself too much. glad you still had the time for yourself to go highlight your hair.

    hopefully, we follow each other here. drop by my blog.


  2. Nice outfit!


  3. done follow! follow back? i'm waiting. and hey, thanks for the comment :)

    love lots!

  4. @t thank you! sorry again that there are no more pics..i might try to upload more later!

  5. you look great! p.s. I always have frozen pizza handy...just in case the meal I tried out wasn't good ...lol

  6. Cute outfit! Cute hair! And did you say frozen pizza?? I do believe my hubby and I can relate. Pretty sure we ate frozen pizza for supper like four times last week. Someday I tell myself I will cook beautiful meals every night!

  7. @Courtney thanks! I tried to check our your site but your profile isn't public :( Thanks for stopping by!


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