calling all j.crew lovers!

so, i always tended to steer clear of j.crew and other {super} expensive clothing store. when i say steer clear i mean totally avoid without even looking. well, this changed when i moved to lynchburg, virginia. i moved here back in 2006 to start my undergraduate degree at good old liberty university. freshman year i had no money to spend on clothing. continuing into my sophomore year, on a pretty boring sunday afternoon a friend suggested that we find the rumored j.crew store in town. i figured "hey, why not. there's nothing else to do." off we went, with much success! over the sequence of events i learned that the very city i love in, is a j.crew headquarters. there are TWO clearance stores in town. clearance stores are different than factory stores :) I'm talking $10 for tops, $20 for non-jean pants, $30 for sweaters and jeans...etc. 

Here is the one of the stores:
and here is the other, which is actually located at one of their warehouses in town.
in the warehouse, 2-3 times a season they have a sample sale (see picture below)

there are soooo many boxes to go through at the sample sale and the prices are even cheaper than the clearance stores! if you love j.crew, definitely look to see if there is a clearance store near you! 

good news: tomorrow is friday!! 
have a great day :)


  1. I've never heard of this store before, but I love sample sales, so it would be amazing to go there!

    xoxo, Dominika.

  2. Oh things like this make me wish we had a JCrew!
    We don't have anything here hardly :( so sadd!

    Kelly, xo


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