okay, so i made the cupcakes today. they are amazing!! the only complaint that i have is: the icing. the icing tastes delicious but it wasn't thick enough :( i did what i could to thicken it up...but i didn't take my experimenting too far because i didn't want to end up changing the awesome flavor. sorry for the short post today but i ended up being busy cooking, baking and going to see a movie last minute with some friends. we saw footloose which actually was a cute movie, im not going to go into comparing it with the old one, BUT i am happy that they used some of the same music!

cupcake extravaganza:

i hope everyone enjoyed their wednesday as much as i enjoyed mine!!



  1. The cupcakes look delicious, I once had a problem with the icing as well, it wasn't thick at all... but you worked it out somehow, it looks great :)

    Have a good day,
    xoxo Dominika.

  2. These look fantastic!
    Hope you have a great day. :)


  3. those cupcakes look yummy! (:


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