im {blank} because...

i am weird because...
i hum, whistle or sing constantly
both of my shoulders are double jointed & i can lick my elbows
i loove peanut butter everything!

i am a bad friend because...
i am soooo bad at keeping in touch with friends who live far away
im not always good at returning phone calls/texts/messages right away

i am a good friend because...
i am patient and a good listener
i would stop what i'm doing to go meet a friend if they needed me.

i am sad because...
i didn't take many pictures at thanksgiving!
a lot of my family lives far away from me (well...all of them do.)

i am happy because...
kenny and i are going to my house this weekend AND going to NYC :)
it's a new week and i had an AWESOME vacation weekend
i have great health and i am surrounded by love!

i am excited for...
everything christmas!
going to NYC over the weekend
(kenny and i at the top of the empire state building, last time we went to NYC)

it's almost time to embrace monday!!

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