meet kate.[katie].[katelyn].
this is my my younger sister by two and a half years.
we grew up sharing a room [probably] constantly bickering and fighting.
today she is definitely one of my best friends whom i love and miss very much [living 6 hrs away].

our younger years:

over the last couple years:

this is kate and sam. they have been dating for...a really long time :) next comes marriage, right?

have a super saturday! we are having fantastic fall weather here in virginia, i hope your having the same!


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  1. Such adorable pictures, it must be amazing to have a sister who can be your best friend at the same time :)

    xoxo, Dominika.

  2. @Dominika thanks girl! having a sister close in age is a blessing:)

  3. What a great post! Sisters are the the best :) Love all the pictures!


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