LAST night

so today, monday, was super boring. haha, not much going on over here so i will be sharing about last nights activities (or lack there of). last night we had a little fire in front of kenny's house and out of boredom, the boys started hanging their eno's...from the porch nonetheless (enos are hammocks made out of parachute: super cool). check it:

yes, there were not one, not two, but three enos hung across the front of the porch! oh, so much fun! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great monday to start off the week :) i'm just hanging out at my house tonight, eating mac and cheese out of a mug. yes a mug, because all of our bowls are dirty. haha!

until next time...



  1. Those look awesome! I'd love to take a nap in one. :)

    Eating Mac & Cheese out of a mug? Been there, done that (too!) And for the same reason, ha!


  2. haha that is hilarious!! wow the fun things we do when we are bored. and can i come over and eat mac and cheese with you i love that dish

  3. Looks like a fun time! They look comfy in their enos haha. And it's totally ok to eat mac & cheese from a mug. Dishes are the worst chore ever!

  4. that looks like so much fun. we always put a hammock over our trampoline during the summer. it's so much fun to twist around and just be goofy!
    oh, and nothing wrong with a relaxing day with some mac and cheese. the best is the cartoon kind. but that might also be my inner child coming out!
    xo TJ

  5. Awesome!!! Hammocks are one of my favorite things in life! These enos look fun!

  6. Thats pretty cool. What's there not to love about hammocks.


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