loong day.

so today i will be short and sweet because i had a long day.
i'm pretty wiped out so i have little energy left (it is almost midnight here on the east coast).
long story short i woke up super early this morning for volunteering at a halfway house and when i got there at 7am (!!) no one answered the door. okay...that's cool. then today at work i spoke to only unhappy students on the phone so that continued to dampen my mood. yiikes. life goes on though, right? 
in other news: my birthday is thursday, i only have 2 days left of work this week 
aannd i have some super awesome plans for my 3 day weekend :)
i hope everyone had a terrific tuesday!
p.s. of course this guy was there to make me smile today :)


  1. Long days are the worst! Yay for a three day weekend though and your upcoming birthday! Hope your today is better :)

  2. Booooooo long days! I am having one of those today. Happy early birthday, and have a fun 3 day weekend!



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