...off to my family!

hey all :) i'm not able to write a full post today because i will be leaving immediately from work to travel home! im getting anxious to leave already and its only 11:30! at 4:45 i will be on my way from VA to NJ. now this is normally a 5 1/2 hour trip, but considering it is the day before thanksgiving, i am pretty much guaranteed a lot of traffic. this means my trip will be much longer than usual :( thats okay though, i am super thankful to even have the opportunity to have vacation time from work and be able to travel home to be with my family.
i'll be back friday, i hope everyone has a blessed thanksgiving with their families or whomever the get to spend it with :)  until next time...



  1. Wishing you safe travels & a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family :)

  2. I spend so much of my time on the freeway going to visit my boyfriend. I hate traffic! Please be safe and have a wonderful trip gorgeous!

  3. Thanks girls! Have a great thanksgiving :)


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