sad day

today was a super sad day for me.
my sister text me in the morning telling me that my parents were putting our black lab, lizzy, down.
she had been in pretty bad shape over the last couple months and the last time i was home it almost seemed as though she may be getting better. she was 13 yrs old and just wasn't strong enough to make it any further. i'll miss her greeting me when i come home...i could go on and on about how much of an awesome dog she was but i think these pictures describe her enough...

i'll miss you lizzy, and i'm sad that i wasn't able to say goodbye :(
**sorry for all the sadness today...



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Lizzy :( She sure was a pretty girl. I always tear up when I read posts like this. Dogs become such a part of the family that it's so hard to let go. Thinking of you!

  2. cute dog :)
    follow each other? i'll wait your answer on my blog :)

  3. What a sweet dog! That is SO SAD! i hope you feel better soon.

    - Sarah


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