so i was pinning away today and this picture really caught my eye:

so, what am i thinking? well, when november comes around every year i tend to emphasize how much i should be thankful. problem: i should be emphasizing thankfulness all the time! i began thinking about all of the mornings that i wake up without even thinking about how i should be thankful to be alive another day. i am in no way trying to be dramatic, but this is something that i would like to work on. i need to always be thankful because, "there is always, always, always something to be thankful for". im done ranting now, but i really did need to share my thoughts because this has become a pressing subject for me today.

back to pinning:

want to make this! i love shrimp :)

this was not on pinterest, but definitely worth sharing. my roommate sent it to me through email:

i think the picture speaks for itself...haha!

i hope everyone has a fantastic friday-here's to the weekend! :)



  1. so true being thankful! that last photo made me laugh...

  2. I completely agree with you. There are so many tragedies & so many people lose their loved ones that we should be glad we got to see yet another day... I think I have to work on this one as well :)

    Have a good Friday,
    xoxo Dominika.

  3. haha that starbucks cup is great, i mean there is no reason to be rude to people especially people who are serving you, they don't deserve it if your morning isn't turning out the way you have hoped. it isn't their fault!


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