whats on the tube?

so, there are plenty of tv shows to choose from these days. today im just going to do a little review about a t.v. show that i look forward to watching each week. im so glad that i tuned in when "Parenthood" premiered on NBC. i love this show, if you haven't seen it find out a way to catch up, its only on the second season!  basically its about a family going through different life situations. Parenthood travels through the struggles of teenagers, a child with Asbergers Syndrome, love and the concept of being there for your family members when they need you most.

so why am i doing a tv review? because tonight after work i am just lounging and watching some t.v.

yes, hoodie/sweatpants/blanket included.

doe's anyone else watch Parenthood? 
today was wednesday, which means we are halfway through the week. time to make plans for the weekend!!



  1. I love Parenthood too! Such good life lessons :)

  2. i haven't tried watching Parenthood but I know they're a constant award winner! <3 hmmm what other series do you watch? I'm loving The Walking Dead. I'm always at the edge of my seat!

    Im a new follower! Maybe we could follow each other? Thanks very much!


  3. I've never heard of this one. I wish I could check it out anytime soon, but I hardly have time for the shows I'm currently watching. I have recently developed an obsession with Alf, haha... a good old show :) Not to mention a couple of comedy ones, such as Two and a half men, The Big Bang Theory... and the list goes on.

    xoxo, Dominika.

  4. My husband watches it but I always seem to busy doing things when it is on. Maybe next time I'll actually sit and watch it, sounds good. And yay for a sweats and tv night. They are thee best :)


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