Christmas List

FIRST OFF, let me just say that I absolutely looove giving gifts, and this year i had more money to spend than the last...4 years. haha, thanks to the poor life of a college kid. needless to say i have had a TON of fun shopping for gifts this year because i wasn't worried about a tight budget :) i've already said that i love giving gifts but i'm not trying to hide the fact that i also love receiving. (lets all be honest, all jokes aside, and admit that receiving a gift is actually a great feeling!)

i asked for some pretty random but also very practical things this year
things that i like/need but are pretty practical. nothing too special :)
take a look:

 new sperrys :) these would be perfect for work!
 a camelbak water bottle

target gift cards! (in order to put money towards buying my next item and because i just love target.)
i would love to purchase, with christmas money, a new one of these bad boys. the sound on my ipod no longer works :( my roommate just go a white one and that was my deciding factor. ill need one anyway for when i go to the gym-gotta have jams while working out!
annnd...this is my strangest gift. let me explain via short story: my house is heated by a heat pump which makes our electric bill through the roof in the winter. we're talking $200 a month for a two bedroom, one story duplex. HOLY COW, right? so this is my attempt at saving money in the winter months :)

other than these gifts there were a few books on my list, other small items and of course clothing and gift cards. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas eve week! does that makes sense? no...but who cares, i like it. 

only 3 days until Christmas!
have a holly jolly day :)



  1. holy moly! that is a lot money for gas. definitely get that portable heater for sure! keep you warm and toasty and keep your gas bill dow. and target gift cards are always a welcomed gift

  2. I am loving those Sperry's... so cute!

  3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you Erin! Less 24 hours left and it's Christmas once again! Have a blast!

    greeting card for you!

  4. I have a pair of Sperrys just like that! And I love 'em!


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