alright, i have to share my excitement.
when kenny and i first started dating for my birthday his parents bought me an awesome fossil purse.
i used this fossil bag to the bone...i mean its looking pretty ratty these days.
i've had it for over two years now.
this christmas...
drum roll please...
yep...i got a new one :)
for all the wear and tear that my purses have to endure,
fossil has withstood the best.
thank you mr. and mrs. A for this wonderful new purse :)

I hope everyone is having an awesome friday
cheers to the weekend!!


  1. Cute purse, dear!! Hope you have a lovely NYE!


  2. So cute!!! I love anything Fossil. Next on my list is a purse from there! So I think you would get a kick out of my blog, check it out!


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