it's a hard knock life

im watching elf.
elf is such a spectacular christmas movie, i mean serisouly, how can you not laugh?
"you smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like santa"

im not going to lie. 
im in a sulking mood tonight. 
my car broke down yesterday so i am carless.
im hanging out by myself tonight.
and when i came home tonight after work, my computer informed me that i "should consider replaceing my battery. there is a problem and my computer might shut down suddenly."
 that's cool.
thanks for the information.
i needed some elf in my life.
annnd of course...some cookies :)
oatmeal chocolate chip...yeeea baby.

sometimes...all you need is a little time to yourself to recharge a bit :)

i hope everyone else's cars are still alive out there!
holla back


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  2. This makes me like to watching elf tonight... and by the way, those oatmeal chocolate cookies look so yummy! Love your blog! If you like, visit mine too.

  3. I so need to dig out Elf and watch it. It's been far too long. And oatmeal chocolate chip are my all time favorite! Yummo! Have a good weekend :)

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