making things up

not making things up in the sense of lying or telling stories but making up for the lack of posting that has been happening over here! this past weekend i went home, for the second weekend in a row, and let me tell you i am done with traveling..well at least driving a longer distance than an hour..until Christmas. HAH. enough complaining. my favorite part about this weekend was: CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! i looove love love seeing houses all decorated for christmas-even more so in the snow but it's too soon for snow. there used to be a house near my hometown when i was little that had lights that flashed along with music. we would go see it every year, unfortunately it is no longer there. but these houses are super cool:
this is not the house i used to see, but there are a ton of videos online with houses all decked out!!  don't worry ill update {hopefully} later today with pics and deets from the weekend :) Have a great monday, all!



  1. love love the trans-siberian orchestra's christmas music!

    megs [at] Shine On

  2. i love ove the siberian orchastra!! and also that little clip. there is a house near us that synchronizes four songs to lights as well. i can't wait to go see this year, it is always a do not miss!


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