meet iris.

over the last weekend when i was home, kenny and i met up with my best friend iris for lunch and just to hang out/run errands for the afternoon. we met up at salad works, which is an awesome place!
 i hope maybe one of my readers out there have actually heard of this place. sadly, im am no longer living near a salad works :(
enough with my little rabbit trail about food there.
 look delicious? well, that's because it is.
when we took this picture i mentioned about how i desperately need a tan and iris said, verbatim:
"erin, you make me look like a brownie." 
 and that is why we are best friends. 
iris and i always just click back together like puzzle pieces when we see each other. even though i am super bad at keeping in touch with her and we may not talk for a long time, we just start up right where we left off.
k, one more sentimental thing and then im done:
iris....i am so super thankful for you and i love you!
thanks for being the best//happiest/craziest/beautiful/trust worthy/patient/forgiving friend a girl could have! 
who would have thought that when we met in high school
and you thought i was a snob
and i just thought you were super quiet
that we would be here today
with this awesome friendship :)

hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday :)

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  1. This is so cute! Gotta love good friends :) I need a tan, too!!


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