case of the mondays

see my eye?
allergies = a swollen right eye.
yay for monday!

 please just have a last minute monday laugh with me when i tell you that yes, i have allergies and my eye is seriously swollen from it. every time i sneeze only my right eye has been effected with redness, swelling and excessive tears. i think that only the right side of my body has allergies because not only is this happening to my right eye but the only the right side of my nose is stuffy as well!

hope your not lookin too much like me there days :)



  1. Allergies are terrible! They are the bane of my existence! I, too, have suffered from "puffy eye" (yes, that's the medical term). Take some Benadryl and feel better soon! :)

    Alex from

  2. Haha aww! I can't say that I know how you feel since I don't have allergies, but just know that you can make a swollen, puffy and red right eye look darn good! :)


  3. ugh so sory about the allergies! i have heard those are the worst. hope the right side of your face goes down and regardless you still look beautiful girl!

  4. Ouchies! Hope you feel better soon. Allergies are tough. My mom just found out that she is allergic to just about everything but the main thing being yeast so now she has to completely change her diet. Not fun.


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