my room=my comfort.
I moved in my current house back in the summer.
i still haven't finished decorating my room.
but i have my bed...
 i love my bed. on saturday's when i don't have to be anywhere when i wake up, i'll just lay there after i've woken up because i am so stinkin comfortable. i told's love.
 shalie grabbed this at good will for me. i finally hung it up...FIRST WALL DECORATION!! i wasn't kidding when i said it is taking me a long time to decorate. molasses. 
annnd i will always have a book shelf in my room. i love the one i have because it's definitely used for books, but other things as well. 
so i don't have the most glamorous bedroom
BUT im all about being comfy.

i hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend :)

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