mixed monday

so its monday...and i don't really have anything specific that i want to post about so... today will be pretty random.
photos from this weekend:
 [please excuse my weirdness.]

 [please excuse meghan's...weirdness-she may hurt me for posting this]

annnd there would be more BUT i can't get them to upload. oh well.
i also wanted to share this awesome recipe :)
follow this link -> microwave chocolate peanut butter & oat snack bars

don't they look AWESOME?? and so simple-definitely trying these :)

and what would monday be without a smile? i mean....its monday, who doesn't need to smile?
target would be perfect for monday. and this is entirely true.

peace out cub scouts, enjoy your day as much as you can!


  1. Weirdness is GOOD! It took me years to be able to feel comfortable flaunting my weirdness. I let it all out now, in full glory! :)


  2. Love your pics!
    And the last ecard cracks me up! Ha!


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