the past few days...

dear blogging friends,
oh my word. my work schedule is currently pretty inconvenient which messes up my life.
well..that may be a little bold to say it messes up my life but it does mess up my normal schedule.
in others words...sorry for my absence.

so in the past few days i have done quite a few things, including:

  • finishing up the hunger games series. yep i read it. YES, it was awesome. go ahead...judge me for being a 24 year old reading books out of the "teen reading" section.

  • celebrated the new year with some of my closest friends:

                                        {pictures to come...}

  • gone shopping...yea, probably a bad idea but when you are visiting a place that has better shopping than your current gotta do what you gotta do. here is one of the sweaters i bought:

  • i have been catching up on some of my favorite tv shows! parenthood and revenge are back :) 
  • set my new year resolution. this year i will be working on better managing my time. i am awful at time management, such a procrastinator. if i learned anything during my undergrad days, it's that i MUST be more organized and productive with my time each day.

cheers to blogging in the new year...happy 2012 :)



  1. I just started reading The Hunger games last week! Only on the first book still but so far I LOVE IT! Yay for being mid-twenties ladies and loving the teeny bopper books! :)


  2. Girl, I'm 24 and I LOVED The Hunger Games. =)

    megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

  3. I read Hunger games recently. I'm 29... Almost 30... No judgement here! :)
    Glad you are enjoying! I can't wait for the movies!

  4. those are exceptional books and I am SO anticipating the film!

  5. Your friend Meghan is pretty hot


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