take care

today...today was a sick day for me.
i hate taking sick days and missing work.
i mean, i'm most definitely not obsessed with my job...
but i don't like taking a sick day unless its absolutely positively necessary.
i'm a salaried employee so i am still getting paid...but using up one of my sick days.
i know, i know, it sounds a bit nit picky but i just do not like being sick and having to stay in bed.

i just need to take care of my self more often! which means going to bed earlier, eating healthier and vitamins!

in other news i got a steal of a deal from target last night:

Merona® Quilted Puffer Jacket - Assorted Colors : Target

Merona® Quilted Puffer Jacket - Assorted Colors : Target   (clipped to polyvore.com)

target=bad news for my wallet
every time i enter target i get excited to look around
and i always always leave with an impulse buy. can't help it.

also...target has the best commercials.

that's it for now, hope everyone else is a little bit more on the healthy side :)

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  1. Target is ALWAYS bad news for my wallet too! I try making a list of things I need, and then along the way I find other things that I "need"! Awful!! But love the coat - good buy!!

    Feel better!



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