that thing called school

i started class this week. and let me just confirm with you that even after the first week i and definitely glad that im only taking one class at a time. working full time+some babysitting part time+grad classes=no life/very exhausting. my text book for my class:

if i were to be honest, i did purchase this book the day before classes started BUT i still have not received it. i even spent extra money for overnight shipping. not okay, amazon. my class work was 100x's harder without that thing.

okay, okay, im done blabbing about my class! this weekend is a busy one for me but since i haven't checked in for a few days i just wanted to say "hey" and still alive and well :) i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and getting some time to relax!! 

holla back!!


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  1. Oh that's so irritating! Sorry hun! Hope you can have a somewhat relaxing weekend!


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