this is you.

its almost as if your looking into a mirror!
i am definitely a procrastinator. my class starts today...i have yet to buy my book. yiiikes.
 when i am already in bed, i am extremely lazy. don't judge me, my bed is super comfy!
and i'm pretty sure that this is what happens every morning-either too hot or too cold.

embrace my simplicity and laughs for today :) it's monday--we all need a smile!

p.s. i apologize that i am AWFUL at replying to comments! i promise i'm trying to be more timely :)


  1. hahahahhahahhaha!! thanks for making me laugh (; the last two are my FAVORITES(; <3

  2. Hahaha! The last one got me the best. ("Mordor" / "Arctic Ocean")

    Following all your pinboards now!


  3. Hahaha these are great! Love the procrastination one and the first one too! I will have to follow you on Pinterest!

  4. ah haha very funny :) The one when your laying bed becomes an easy fix when you have kids...they love to get you stuff ;)

  5. This made me laugh! I love lying in bed when I don't have anything to do! :) It's so comfy and I can get so lazy once I'm in it!


i will reply to all comments right here! :)

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