...its been since thursday.

i have been pretty active all weekend but tonight i just wanted to share something out of the book that i have been reading, i read it a few days ago, but thought it was worth sharing.

"a top 10 countdown to be passed onto younger generations"

10. surround yourself with people who build you up
9. take care of your body
8. you make your decisions--but then your decisions make you
7. a chapter of proverbs a day keeps the "stupids" away
6. keep your destiny (heaven) in mind
5. pray about everything
4. never make important decisions when your tired or hungry
3. take time to decide what is worth doing, then do it with your whole heart and with excellence
2. call home
1. love God

i know, im not always the "inspirational" poster. im not really trying to be inspirational. the page i was reading in my book was talking about the new year and how new year resolutions usually bust quickly. the list was just some last advice the author wrote in closing.
when i read the list i immediately thought "whoa...now that's starting the obvious".
annnnyway, like i said--im not going for inspiration..just wanted to share what i thought was good advice.

now its past my bedtime. (number 9, anyone??)
so peace out for now cub scouts
(please excuse the no make up and robe...which you probably can't see anyway.)



  1. I love this list! :) Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing Erin!

  2. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post. what book are you reading btw?

  3. Love this entire list!! Thank you for posting this - A very good reminder of what's important!



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