famous amos

ames came into town over the weekend!!
and since i knooow she may be reading...HEY AMY :D
yup, you just got a special shout out!
so here is our weekend of tacos, shopping and eating out in pictures:

 lunch downtown: fried green tomato sandwich
amy with her fish and chips

 queso time!! mexican ain't mexican without queso

i had an awesome weekend and felt great about getting homework done ahead of time.
maaaybe ill do that more often??
probably not...

in other news the bachelor is down to the last two ladieess...or should i say one lady and one girl?
im more excited about the reunion next week and reactions to skinny dipping than the final rose.


traditions, traditions

okay you guys,
let me tell you a little about a little tradition that has recently started.
its a sunday tradition.
every sunday, kenny and i go to church, then go to get mexican for lunch, and lastly go to the humane society.
yep we go visit the little doggies who need a home.
its a bit of a tease because i live in a house too small now to adopt a dog
but when i get a dog in the future, it will definitely be through adoption. 
i love going now to visit the animals and to give them some attention..
i mean...look at these faces...

haha i love the last guy
he looks like he is smiling.

ahhh i can't wait to get a little buddy of my own. 
im not trying to pull a sarah mclachlan (every time i see that commercial i am annoyed, not sure why...yikes, did i just admit that?) but if you ever consider getting a furry friend of your own,
consider adopting and at least make a few visits to your local humane society first.
there may be a little guy there that is perfect for you!

enjoy your monday as best as you can!

whatcha doin'

What are you doing this weekend?

my old roomie, amy, is coming into town
im SUPER excited!!!

have an awesome weekend!!
and even if you don't have super cool plans like me...
just relax, darn it!

enter away!!

so i stopped by petite femme jolie and entered an awesome giveaway!
i love giveaways.
i enter a lot, but never win.
so lets be honest here...i hopped on this one because guess what you win??
well i guess i could tell you guys but its probably a better idea if you head on over there
sneak peek:

annd through the giveaway i found this super cool watch:

I AM SUPER EXCITED about this giveaway :)
maybe now i'll start my homework.


you guys, 
i've got nothing.
what's on my mind?
the homework that i must submit by midnight, tonight.
and cupcakes...haha yea, got that craving ever since holly posted about them the other day.
just to let you know, i have not yet started on that homework.
it's cool. this happens every week. i am a professional procrastinator. 
let me say again... professional.

so. tonight=homework.

and last but not least...a picture.
because i think posts are boring with out pictures...helloooooo a.d.d.

shalie and i for my birthday dinner--

which reminds me that i need to get my hair done.
until next time, readers...


two post tuesday

"we weren't nervous but we were hungry..."
this is just because sophia grace and rosie are hilarious and ellen obviously love them since she has featured them so many times! ppsssshh....i would totally dance and memorize Nicki Minaj to get put on the ellen show.
heck yeah.

weekend wonderland

you guys,
i had a pretty awesome weekend.
my favorite part was...well, i can't pick one favorite.
lets start with saturday.
saturday was BEAUTIFUL.
i mean were talking awesome weather, in the 60s.
shalie, meghan and i trekked to charlottesville for a girls afternoon/night.
we shopped and scored awesome deals at antrhopologie and urban outfitters.
and then i got ribs for dinner. yuuup. messy, lip smackin ribs.
they were awesome.
we had great, and much needed girl time.
saturday night it started to cool down and on sunday...
it snowed.
nope, not joking.

its been a super mild winter here in VA. and we haven't even seen a flurry all winter.
sunday was the day.
and we spent all day just hanging out inside watching movies and relaxing big time.
i think we got about 3 inches, so not much at all...and most of it melted today.
not enough to cancel work.
it was beautiful while it lasted.
this post was supposed to be for monday...and it 12:02 on tuesday.
yay me!
obviously my bed time.
have a terrific tuesday!

slightly obsessed

so my friends and i were talking about sloths one night and found a few videos on you tube of them as well.
random, i know.
recently my friend, meghan, found this video of kristen bell on the ellen show. absolutely hilarious.
 i mean, i dont't know what you call this...just a love for animals? or obsessed? i think its more of an obsession. watch below.
haha. yeaa...i wasn't joking.

cheers to friday!
hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

be MY valentine.

it's here. valentines day. in all honestly i haven't really ever been too gung ho for valentines day. aside from the usual love day activities such as going out to dinner, getting heart shaped balloons, cards full of glitter and boxes of chocolates, valentines day actually has a really neat concept behind it. i jokingly complained to shalie last night that this year my parents only send me a card-with nothing in it-instead of a little package. shame on me. i mean, really...my parents sent me a card, just to tell me that they love me! that's what valentines day is for. you don't have to have a significant other to celebrate with...tell anyone that you love, that you love them!

this year is the third valentines day that i'm spending with kenny. if you don't like mushy gushy stuff...stop reading now.

kenny has my heart.
i am so thankful for him and every moment i have had with him.
there is no one else i would rather spend my valentine celebration with.
he is my best friend and i love him so much.

probably my two favorite pictures with him :)

how can you not love this??

hope you had a wonderful tuesday!
now, go tell someone that you looove them :)


i have a friend, rick, who is currently teaching english for the peace corps.
in Azerbaijan.
where exactly is Azerbaijan??

the little purple/blue guy to the left of the caspian sea. {source}
anyway. last night i got home around 9 and got on my computer to do some homework...
yes...i procrastinated-it was due at midnight.
so my computer turns on, and i see in the corner of my screen a skype popup
rick was online, so before thinking about the time difference, i called him.
for the next 50 mins me, shalie, and josh reconnected with rick.
first time since september that we've talked to him in person!!

haha. this pic cracks me up!

so rick is super cool and has a blog as well-you can see it HERE.

today is friday--let the weekend begin!

oh, how pinteresting!

happy wednesday! 
this week we will take a step into my pinterest closet to look at my dresses...


 who doesn't love having a bow!
 if i had to do prom all over...i would wear something like this
 this is my trendy dress...because chevron print is super trendy these days...
 gotta have something lacy
 my frilly choice...
 my favorite color...with a belt=double plus
 this dress would be perfect for all the long walks on the beach that i don't take.
 yes. loove all of these colors. could work for summer, spring or fall!

happy pinning, and hope your having a great week!

this is the final rose

start judging me now, because i watch the bachelor.
i don't have any drama in my life so i think watching drama filled shows is some sort of a filler.
i love it!
if you are watching it as well, you know this season is...i mean, i'm not even sure how to describe it.
its crazy. i know the bachelor just goes ahead and kisses every girl as much as he can, but skinny dipping?
also i feel like the girls are throwing themselves onto him like crazy.
...this is starting to borderline trashy. im sorry, am i watching the jersey shore now?
if you have watched the bachelor/bachelorette before, you know there is always one crazy person each season.
this season is courtney. and the previews from this week make it seem like she gets the boot next week.
we'll see about that.
all in all i will continue to watch because what can i say, it's reality tv.

for your viewing pleasure, here is the crazy:

its long...i dont expect you to watch it all, but can you say "winning"?


c'est la vie

over the past couple of days i have come to find out form more than one person that my buttons do not work.
super fail.
c'est la vie, eh?
i'm assuming that the tutorial that i originally used...was useless.
with the help from the lovely sam at
hooked me up with a tutorial that actually worked. 
now i ask you, 
 if we have swapped buttons or you've grabbed mine before
please, please,
switch out the html you previously had
for one of the lovely new ones i have listed one the right side of my page :)
if you haven't swapped with me and would like to just let me know!

thannk you sooo much for working over this bump in my blogging road.

okay, now that the drama is over.
check out what shalie and i made for dinner last night!

make sure you check out shalie irene for more pictures from our dinner AND
the recipe of course!
hey mambo, mambo italiano
...and that was a poor attempt of an irish girl trying to be italian.

only 15 minutes til friday, who else is excited for the weekend??
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