be MY valentine.

it's here. valentines day. in all honestly i haven't really ever been too gung ho for valentines day. aside from the usual love day activities such as going out to dinner, getting heart shaped balloons, cards full of glitter and boxes of chocolates, valentines day actually has a really neat concept behind it. i jokingly complained to shalie last night that this year my parents only send me a card-with nothing in it-instead of a little package. shame on me. i mean, parents sent me a card, just to tell me that they love me! that's what valentines day is for. you don't have to have a significant other to celebrate with...tell anyone that you love, that you love them!

this year is the third valentines day that i'm spending with kenny. if you don't like mushy gushy stuff...stop reading now.

kenny has my heart.
i am so thankful for him and every moment i have had with him.
there is no one else i would rather spend my valentine celebration with.
he is my best friend and i love him so much.

probably my two favorite pictures with him :)

how can you not love this??

hope you had a wonderful tuesday!
now, go tell someone that you looove them :)


  1. You two are gorgeous together! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

  2. so cute :) glad you had a good day!


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