you guys, 
i've got nothing.
what's on my mind?
the homework that i must submit by midnight, tonight.
and cupcakes...haha yea, got that craving ever since holly posted about them the other day.
just to let you know, i have not yet started on that homework.
it's cool. this happens every week. i am a professional procrastinator. 
let me say again... professional.

so. tonight=homework.

and last but not least...a picture.
because i think posts are boring with out pictures...helloooooo a.d.d.

shalie and i for my birthday dinner--

which reminds me that i need to get my hair done.
until next time, readers...


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  1. Maybe you should procrastinate a little more and enter my first giveaway that i'm having TODAY!!! :) Haha, sorry, i'm a bad influence. :)



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