this is the final rose

start judging me now, because i watch the bachelor.
i don't have any drama in my life so i think watching drama filled shows is some sort of a filler.
i love it!
if you are watching it as well, you know this season is...i mean, i'm not even sure how to describe it.
its crazy. i know the bachelor just goes ahead and kisses every girl as much as he can, but skinny dipping?
also i feel like the girls are throwing themselves onto him like crazy.
...this is starting to borderline trashy. im sorry, am i watching the jersey shore now?
if you have watched the bachelor/bachelorette before, you know there is always one crazy person each season.
this season is courtney. and the previews from this week make it seem like she gets the boot next week.
we'll see about that.
all in all i will continue to watch because what can i say, it's reality tv.

for your viewing pleasure, here is the crazy:

its long...i dont expect you to watch it all, but can you say "winning"?



  1. Her face on your page annoys me :)

  2. i don't judge because i watch it myself, haha and oh the drama! i think that is the only reason i keep watching the show, ben is pretty boring to me. i agree skinny dipping c'mon ben stop being a guy and starting thinking with your real brain not your brain down there. *winning

  3. I don't judge you.. I watch it ;) and aaahhggg! COURTNEY ;P

  4. Bish is cra-zay!!!

    and I can't even take him serious with his butt cut and always rolling up his pants to capris... Not Ok..


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