traditions, traditions

okay you guys,
let me tell you a little about a little tradition that has recently started.
its a sunday tradition.
every sunday, kenny and i go to church, then go to get mexican for lunch, and lastly go to the humane society.
yep we go visit the little doggies who need a home.
its a bit of a tease because i live in a house too small now to adopt a dog
but when i get a dog in the future, it will definitely be through adoption. 
i love going now to visit the animals and to give them some attention..
i mean...look at these faces...

haha i love the last guy
he looks like he is smiling.

ahhh i can't wait to get a little buddy of my own. 
im not trying to pull a sarah mclachlan (every time i see that commercial i am annoyed, not sure why...yikes, did i just admit that?) but if you ever consider getting a furry friend of your own,
consider adopting and at least make a few visits to your local humane society first.
there may be a little guy there that is perfect for you!

enjoy your monday as best as you can!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That commercial gets me every time. I have to change the channel!!

    I wish I could adopt a dog, my apartment says no bueno to dogs. One day!!


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