weekend wonderland

you guys,
i had a pretty awesome weekend.
my favorite part was...well, i can't pick one favorite.
lets start with saturday.
saturday was BEAUTIFUL.
i mean were talking awesome weather, in the 60s.
shalie, meghan and i trekked to charlottesville for a girls afternoon/night.
we shopped and scored awesome deals at antrhopologie and urban outfitters.
and then i got ribs for dinner. yuuup. messy, lip smackin ribs.
they were awesome.
we had great, and much needed girl time.
saturday night it started to cool down and on sunday...
it snowed.
nope, not joking.

its been a super mild winter here in VA. and we haven't even seen a flurry all winter.
sunday was the day.
and we spent all day just hanging out inside watching movies and relaxing big time.
i think we got about 3 inches, so not much at all...and most of it melted today.
not enough to cancel work.
it was beautiful while it lasted.
this post was supposed to be for monday...and it 12:02 on tuesday.
yay me!
obviously my bed time.
have a terrific tuesday!


  1. that rib dinner looks amazing! i really love bbq and could eat all of that up! bummer about the snow not being enough to cancel work, hope you have a great tuesday still!

  2. Where in VA do you live!? My parents just moved back to Wisconsin from Fredericksburg, VA! Loved it there!


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