take time to watch this video today.
you may have already seen if pop up on other blogs, facebook or twitter. 
to read more about joseph kony and what he has done click here
there is an organization at locally that works with invisible children, so i saw this posted by a friend who is involved.
im not super in politics and im stupid when it comes to figuring out non profit.

im not involved in any organization.
im not doing anything to promote awareness about any issue.
this was challenging to me, how can i get involved?
even something that starts little and ends up big...
invisible children has taken almost 10 years with this project.

i realize how important awareness is, and can be.
small steps, what can i do to help?
i am challenged and encouraged by the people who are currently involved.
and because of this, now i am going to start putting myself out there more often.

im a blogger
blogging is a huge way to spread awareness!
im joining this effort
stop kony 2012.


if anyone knows of any link up for this out there already let me know!


  1. Love that you have a heart for this stuff!

  2. lets spread the word. i'll posting this video on my next post.

  3. I still haven't seen the video, but I definitely will in the nearest future!

    By the way, I have a couple of tag questions for you on my blog. Hope you will check it out and join the game :)

    xoxo, Dominika.


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