branching out

so im not a huge flavored yogurt person.
i like vanilla. i like strawberry.
i just dont like too many flavors going on in the morning.
but i decided to branch out. i bought key lime.

oh. my. word. 
i put some vanilla almond granola on top.
super delish.
shall i just stop at the store after work to get more?

alrighty so i should be working on my homework.
cause you know i didnt forget...

yeeep. im being an irresponsible adult and going at midnight even though i need to work in the morning.
what?? you only live once.

okay, for serious. homework time.

may the odds be ever in your favor


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  1. Key Lime yogurt?! I must try this! Sounds good with the granola on top too. Yum!


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