give me some sun

okay winter.
i am officially over you..
my skin is pasty pale
...i mean all im asking for is just at least a little sun kiss.
the weather here is ALL OVER THE PLACE.
this 70 degrees one day and 42 the next is killin me.
bring on the sun.
bring on the beach.
bring on shorts and tank tops.
bring on eating dinner on the back patio with friends.

vacation with my family...

and kenny's family...

who else is ready for summer??



  1. We are totally anticipating warm weather too! I can't wait!

    - Sarah

  2. looking at your beach photos i am definitely ready for summer at least warmer california weather than we have been experiencing. have a great weekend erin!

  3. Ooo do I need a tan!! And this weather def has my allergies all out of whack!! Come on we can go on the vaca!!


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