happy hunger games!

hunger games=awesomeness!
look at me trying not to look sleepy...(umm...demon eyes?)
[thanks to meg for this pic!]

i mean like every book that's made into a movie they have to leave some stuff out
otherwise it would be 5 hours long.
the did a perfect job with this movie.
not disappointed at all.
5 stars from me!
i mean rotten tomatoes even gave it an 86% based off of opening night.
WITH a 95% approval from the audience. 

i shouldn't be boring you yet...
this is hunger games people!!!

so im gettin outta town this weekend in honor of shalie's birthday.

im definitely praying for some sun shine and warm.
i need some major color!

enjoy your weekend and hopefully some awesome weather!


  1. You are such a trooper, staying up for the midnight showing! I can't wait to see it this weekend!

    Have a fun weekend!

  2. I loved the movie also! I was kind of bummed they left a few things out, but obviously they can't include everything!

  3. Everyone is raving about how awesome the movie was! I can't wait to see it! I am seriously obsessed with the books...and, the beach sounds so nice right now! Hope you had a great weekend!



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