kiss irish.

st. patricks day has come and gone
and although i would have loved me some brisket and cabbage
i missed out this year.
but i still had something delicious...yes, this is stuffed salmon.

waah. not an irish meal.
so saturday night we had some friends over
and of course i made irish potatoes...mostly because no one knew what they were!
i can't even believe that.
my dear readers...if you do not know what irish potatoes are-your missing out!
and no...this does not involve real potatoes.

irish potatoes are an awesome sweet treat that i must have every year.
they consist of:
confectioners sugar
creme cheese
and cinnamon for the outside

so today was also the first day of spring.
YAY for spring!

 the first dandelion by our house, ain't she a beaut??

since its almost midnight, i'm thinking it's safe to say we've made it half way through the week.
whew, is it sad that i'm looking forward to the weekend already?
nope. im not ashamed.


  1. That has to be the prettiest dandelion! ha so funny :)

  2. I've never had Irish potatoes, but they look AMAZING! I'll have to make them sometime!


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