..say what?

WARNING: this post has sports references, if you don't like sports...oh ooopps. my b.

have you ever heard and word, and immediately thought
"what the heck is that?"
what do i do when i hear a word that i don't know the meaning of?
i google that shiz.
i google everything, my motto basically is:
when in doubt...google it.
yes. google is a verb.

it all started with the basketball game i was watching last night with kenny.
we were watching university of illinois play, and i noticed at the baseline of the court is said "fighting illini"
in sitting there thinking to myself..."they spelled illinois wrong, that's dumb, how could they do that..."
and then i heard it...the color commentator referring to the "illini (prnounced ill-eye-nye)"

for real?
what is an illini?
google says: an indian tribe.
"The Illinois Confederation, sometimes referred to as the Illiniwek or Illini, were a group of twelve to thirteen Native American tribes in the upper Mississippi River valley of North America. ..."
insert: illini warrior

thanks, google.

what strange words have you heard and immediately thought...say what?!?

thank goodness monday is over, right?



  1. Totally agree -- google is most definitely a verb!! Too funny!

    Keep Shining,

  2. Can't remember a certain weird word...but I am constantly googling words. I actually have Dictionary.com downloaded onto my iPhone...because I'm terrible with vocab! :)


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