tea time

its time for tea with sophia grace and rosie.

"if you could eat anything right now, if you were in the mood for anything what would it be?"
"...a cookie"

"would you like some cubes with you tea?"

they tell better jokes than i do.
true story.
i think they may eventually take over my blog postings if the continue to show up on the ellen show.
happpy weekend!


  1. Haha I saw this the other day!! Those two are the cutest! And I totally agree, they have better jokes than me, too!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! So cute! haha I love Taylor Swift. Shalie and I went to the Tea Room downtown today...next time we'll go when you aren't working!

  3. I could seriously watch Sophia Grace & Rosie all day. And I just LOVE that Rosie has become quite the chatterbox!!

    Happy Weekend!

    Keep Shining,


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