another day in the city...

over the weekend i went to my parents house in nj and my cousin and her hubby were in town visiting. it was a good weekend of catching up and another day trip to nyc. 
 i ended up with gum on my shoe...from the empire state building observatory. i would somehow end up with gum on my shoe from an indoor place! UGH. but funny.
 on the live cam in times square, thats me in the green shirt taking the pic. and my sister with her arms up behind me. pretty cool to be up on one of those big screens! sister is pointing at the giraffe (she's obsessed with giraffes) not the lady.

 if you've never been to nyc-take notice of macy's-it's the largest in the world, not to mention, it takes up an entire block in nyc!
my cousins opening the baby gifts that we got for them! i loved being able to see them and catch up with them this weekend :) our time together went so fast!

it was a great weekend!
anyone else to anything exhausting exciting?



you guys,
today's post will be nothing but random, i promise.
i first need to proclaim that i love my mini's. (see below)
disclaimer #1: that is not me.
disclaimer #2: mine are black, although i do love this purple!
here's the deal:
twice today, when i have gone to the restroom, when zipping my pants (zipper is on side/hip),
i have zipped my skin right into the zipper!
not cool mini, not cool.
i could show you a picture of the damage done to my baby soft skin BUT
it may be slightly inapprop. to do this while sitting at my desk at work. not if everyone would want to see.

i have also come to the realization that i love having soup for lunch at work-it leaves me completely satisfied.
progresso light is the perfect amount and 100 calories or less!

lastly but not leastly: would you rather...

thats a tough one but i think i'd go with the popcorn kernel.
i would get used to the feeling, whereas with cheeto-fingers
id be getting cheese on everything i touched! what a mess.

have a great weekend, bloggers


procrastination nation.

im a professional.
on my skills section on my resume i should probably list procrastination.
okay...that might not be the best idea.
IN EVERYTHING i plan and get things done as soon as possible
EVERYTHING except school work.
currently i have a 16 page paper just lingering over my head, due in a week.
i am on
i saw this today, and loved it. because this perfectly describes a true procrastinator/crammer:
so tonight, while "working" on my other homework that needs to be completed, what was i really doing?
taking a sorry let me rephrase A LOT of breaks.
just checkin instagram (follow me! erin_e_murphy)
looking and  before and after photos that a good friend of mine uploaded of her new house
looking on craigslist for a new house to live shame.
and going to cookout to get an extremely unhealthy peanut butter reese's fudge milkshake
it was oh, so worth it!
(if you dont have instagram, you can always check me out here: webstagram)

well, since i was striving to post on thursday and now its almost friday...
 i guess i should be closing this sucker up.
this weekend im yet again traveling-to new jersey.

im packed and ready to go!
so tomorrow: work->drive almost 6 hours->maybe sleep when i arrive?
im prepared for yet another exhausting weekend
exhausting but also a blessing because i will be seeing family that i have not seen in forever!
alright, so for real.
peace out for the weekend,
theres a possibility that i'll have a good amount of pictures to share next week!


le souvenir

sometimes i think tuesdays are slower and more tired than mondays.
it's like monday im just in  a daze following my weekend 
and catches up to me.

so two weekends ago i went to OK.
i was on a recruiting trip for the school i work for.
so not only was i under tornado warning...
but i was super bummed that i didnt get to explore downtown OK city
all because of the weather.
btw, i am super SUPER thankful to God for keeping me and my co-worker safe!
anyway today i am just going to share the souvenir i purchased.
le souvenir:

there's not anything in that mug.
but how could i pass up a modeling opp?

have a terrific tuesday, peeps!


my insta weekend

my weekend consisted of:
*lots of homework
*bored with my deskorations
*jcrew sample sale-i scored big!
*...getting angry because i had so much homework...
starbucks spelling my name wrong, again.
(let's talk about that a sec, unless i spell my name out for bucks-its not hard...
e.r.i.n..its spelled wrong on my cup-everytime!)
*getting my new mag in the mail
*pretzel crisps

is it strange that im happy my weekend is over?
all of my homework was due last night.
[insert sigh of relief here]

how was your weekend?


happy me

you guys.
i think i've lost my brain.
my blog is in NO WAY a venting tool but i just wanted to let everyone know...
i feel like a million things have been consistently running through my head saying
"haha! you can't catch up to me"
i have:
personal things going on
work things going on
school things going on

yea...the list goes on.
in the midst of it all i have found a peace in making sure i have time for myself and with God.
if anything always make sure you make time for this.
draino for you brain!

hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing weekend :)

life lately

...has been busy. im working on slowing down a bit...working on it.
i haven't even unpacked yet from my trips!

went camping weekend before easter.

[yeeep, im a photo bomber :) oopps.]
went to michigan for a fews days for easter the next weekend.
returned from michigan for a day only to turn around and go to OK City.

for traveling i received a comp day at work on monday and...did nothing all day.
i went to the lake to pick up some sun...and i got a little fried :( not okay.

so this has been my life.
and i have been absent from my blog for the most part.
i'll be back...promise :)


tornado alley

I would just like to say that it's totally appropriate being that I'm in tornado alley this weekend that we're on tornado watch.

I mean...really?!? I tweeted "maybe I should just go ahead and sleep under my mattress tonight"...there's both sarcasm and a nervous tone in that.

In other news there is a really sweet short bus chillin outside our hotel. Who woulda thought a short bus could be so cool?

So far, so good...2 tornadas have touched down her abou 30 myles from where I'm stayin but I'm still alive an kickin...I just had to say that in a southern tone, couldn't resist.

Hope I'm not offending anyone. No hard feelings to all you southerners? K cool, thanks.

I really hope everyone else is having a semi safe weekend and your not near the tornadas like I am!

hello from the O.K. state!

this is a test post to blog from my iPod. i have been doing an awful job with keeping up on here :( so just to let you know what's going on, i was in Michigan for Easter weekend and then once I got back from michigan to Virginia I found out that I was going to Oklahoma on a recruiting trip with the university I work for. So yea... ITS BEEN CRAZY. Here's some pics from my Oklahoma city trip so far: #1 at 36,000ft heading toward OK, #2 had to start my 5:30 am flight with some coffee of course!

tea tan and michigan

i was stumblin' the other day
( awesome way to make work go by
i stumbled upon this site that had instructions for tea tanning.
"best tan recipe EVER" via born to be blonde
check it out:

Required time: About 30-40 minutes Skill level: Goof-proof
Ingredients: 4 black tea bags 2 cups boiling water Sponge or spray bottle
Optional: Body lotion Pure cocoa powder-meaning if the tea tan doesn't work, try this method too!

Instructions: When water has boiled, add the tea bags to steep. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, or until tea is dark and cool enough to touch.
In the meantime, take a shower to ensure your skin is oil- and sweat-free-USE A SCRUB TO EXFOLIATE!. Afterwards, make sure skin is completely dry.
Stand on something you don’t mind getting dirty. If using a sponge, drench it in the tea and wipe all over your body. If using a spray bottle, fill it with tea and spray evenly. Let skin air-dry and apply another coat for a deeper shade.
Tea will stain clothes if wet, so make sure you’re all dry before dressing. The “tan” should last 3-4 days.

im pale.
even though i have visited the tanning beds in the past, i decided this year that i will no longer be doing so. i decided to give this tea tanning a try.
im glad i did, it didn't turn out too shabby for my first attempt!
i actually love it most importantly because...
you know how tanning lotions have that awful smell?
this doesn't. nada.
a few suggestions:
*exfoliate-it opens up your pores, which you want since your staining your skin...
*use the spray bottle-it goes on more evenly
*wear gloves!!

if you try this let me know what you think!

in other after work im going to the mitt: aka michigan.
[enter excited cheer here]
no, im not from michigan, but kenny is.
im ready to embrace the 12 hr through-the-night road trip from VA to MI
but its worth it. for serious.
i love kenny's family, and haven't seen them since last june
it's been waaaay to long!
anyone else have exciting plans for the Easter weekend?

grand rapids, here we come!


oh, how pinteresting

have you ever heard of ??
if not, go check it out. NOW!
i have been blowing that site up AND pinning tons of recipes from it!
so...what's cookin', good lookin'?

 smashed potatoes
 ever had a shamrock shake?? im addicted and look forward to them ever year.
 chocolate mint cookies
 barbecue cups
 delicious corn chowder
 turkey sausage lasagna
turkey and swiss panini

time to go back and get my punchfork on. 
maybe ill start making new recipes more often?
one can only hope...

have a super duper day!

all pins via recipe ideas. sourced through linked pictures.
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